‘Pride and Provinciality’. Elites between Centre and Periphery, 19-22 March, Halle (Saale)

“ ‘Pride and Provinciality’. Elites between Centre and Periphery” was the title of the session of the Study Group on Late Antiquity and the Early Middle Ages at the congress of the Mittel- und Ostdeutscher (MOVA) and West- und Süddeutschen Verband (WSVA) für Altertumsforschung in Halle (Saale), on March 19-22.
For the IMAGMA team, Holger Komnick spoke in place of Aleksander Bursche, who was unable to attend, at the session on Monday, 19th March. After a short introduction to the IMAGMA project, he presented a paper titled “Zu völkerwanderungszeitlichen Silbermünzimitationen und barbarisierten Denaren im Gebiet der Provinzen Belgica I, Germania I und II sowie aus dem östlich angrenzenden Raum“. Based on the finds from the burial at Heilbronn-Böckingen (Baden-Württemberg/Germany), Forchenweg 2, a complex of great importance for our understanding of the silver coinages of the fifth century AD, he addressed the question of the prototypes of the coin types on the early Germanic imitations of late 4th-/early 5th-century Roman siliquae, which are generally attributed to the early Franks. Furthermore, he discussed the origin of the anchor cross, which is one of the main reverse types of this group of coins.
The programme of the congress can be downloaded here