6th Nomisma.org/ECFN Meeting

The IMAGMA project was presented at the 6th Joint Meeting of Nomisma.org and the European Coin Find Network (ECFN), hosted by the National Museum of Denmark in Copenhagen from 4th–6th May (see http://ecfn.fundmuenzen.eu/index.php/news/ecfn-meeting-2017 and http://www.conferencemanager.dk/ECFN2017/programme.html).

A. Bursche presenting at ECFN Copenhagen

Aleksander Bursche and Tomasz Więcek presented a paper “The problem of recording imitations in databases”, based on the experiences of IMAGMA. The first results of the project were also presented to the participants during breaks, giving rise to great interest.

A. Bursche and C. Howgego discuss IMAGMA

Aleksander Bursche and Chris Howgego discuss the IMAGMA project.