Dr Adam Degler


Lecture about the research on Barbarous imitations of Roman coins in Poznań


            Last Friday (on 14 December) dr Adam Degler from Ossoliński National Institute (the Ossolineum) in Wrocław, Poland delivered a lecture at the Institute of Archaeology, Collegium Historicum in Poznań (see Facebook).  It was devoted mainly to the research on the imitations of Roman coins in eastern Barbaricum in the 3rd c. AD conducted in the Ossolineum from 2014. Coins from the collection of the Ossolineum were used to illustrate the lecture and the up-to-date state of research in the IMAGMA project was presented.

            The event was organised in the frames of the Extra Limites seminars (http://extralimites.pl/archiwum/). It was the 32nd lecture in the series and the first one about numismatics. The subject met with considerable interest from the listeners. The audience was impressed by the scale of the Barbarian coin production from the 3rd c. AD and the valuable coins kept in the Ossoliński National Institute. The discussions lasted long after the seminar, running on also during the travel back to Wrocław on train.

The artefacts discussed during the lecture can be analysed from different scientific perspectives, demonstrated by the latest contribution from Bernard Mees entitled Early Gothic numismatic [h]rustis and γουνθ/ιου (link).