51st International Congress on Medieval Studies, May 12-15, 2016, Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo

Aleksander Bursche delivered a paper “Roots of Germanic Coinage” (together with David Wigg-Wolf) at the session “The Archaeology of Medieval Europe I: Non-monetary Uses of Coins” organised by Florin Curta, University of Florida and chaired by Alan M. Stahl, Princeton University. There followed a long discussion focussing on the function of early barbarian imitations and the aims of the IMAGMA project.

Princeton University hosts the “FLAME” project (, which has close thematic connections with IMAGMA. As a result the two projects will exchange data and investigate channels of cooperation.

The Congress has been organised for more than half a century by The Medieval Institute, Western Michigan University. Allmost 2500 scholars participated in 2016, making it one of the most important world events in the humanities. The IMAGMA-project will be proposing two sessions for the next Congress (May 11-14, 2017).